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Juan García-Herreros


is an electric bass guitarist. His instrument is a special six-string Contra Bass Guitar.


He has performed with world famous stars of all genres, including several Grammy and Oscar award winners and nominees.



Bernhard Philipp Eder


is (film)composer, conductor and orchestrator.


His main focus is recording and conducting orchestras of all sizes.



Ellen D.


is a Vienna/Austria-based Jazz singer.


Very touching private life-stories seek for a special intensity of feelings which Ellen D. can express brilliantly with her sensual voice.



Ed Neumeister


is a New York and Vienna/Austria-based trombone soloist, conductor, orchestrator, and composer.


As a performer he has been at the forefront of Jazz for more than 40 years developing a unique voice. Having also worked with high level classical orchestras and ensembles nurtured his focus on conducting and composing.



David Jauernik


is an Austrian based composer, orchestrator and performer.


His know-how comprises orchestral and electronic film music, as well as songwriting. Grown up with cello and guitar he loves to translate narration into music. 



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